VNIIK informations

ATF has committed itself to the VNIIK systematically to raise, with the help of the SIRE, each year, data of breeding for all the horses of its members:

  • The file of the births accompanied by the DNA tests of each foal of the year
  • Breeding activity in both pure and inbred breeds
  • The listing of the horses of the members of the association

The Russian Horse Institute (VNIIK) applies scrupulously to all the races that it manages very precise instructions of measurements, the data of which are deposited in the files of the horses, as well as the color of dress, the pedigree or The use (competitions, leisure, breeding ...), all over the world. They even appear in Russian certificates of origin.

In the cooperation agreement that ATF signed with the VNIIK, which was a prerequisite for the recognition in France of the breed, is the commitment we have made to provide regular measurements of the horses entered in the French register .

To do this, ATF organizes about every two years or at the request of several members (if necessary) a grading tour. The Russian race managers are invited to a tour of France which allows to gather all the useful information. It is up to each owner to "grader" his horses at least once in his life (preferably in adulthood): the VNIIK requires 15 € per horse.

This information is then found on the card of each horse in the data base Russian that you can consult in English here

You will find in the article that follows the rules of this grading and to what correspond the notes.

How are the measures taken?