(Garant (Akhal 2nd) - Rukan)

Dark buckskin
Marchuk Mariana
Marchuk Mariana

Gayar is a 4-years old gelding by Garant out of Roukan (Karakum – Reykhan by Shatlyk).  He is nice, cooperative, calm and very easy to handle.  I lightly backed him at 2 years when he was still a colt (trotted a couple of times in a round pan) without any problems.  Since then he stayed at the pasture. So, no bad habits/incorrect training in the background.:)))  On the video, he is jumping the first time in his life and he is quite fat currently, that is why I did not want to put a higher fence or jump him more.  The video is showing a little slower than he is moving in reality (at least on my computer), but he does have a very nice rhythm in trot and good ground-covering canter and walk.   He is a careful jumper: he did not want to touch the fence.


He will be perfect, because he is very gentle and calm.  He is also very comfortable to sit on, I felt really like I was carried above the ground on a soft cloud. He is completely sound (no sicknesses or lameness), absolutely correct legs and excellent feet, correct teeth, etc.

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