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The collection of bulletins published by ATF since its inception includes many interesting articles and many color photographs of past gatherings.

They are all available for the sum of 10 € each (plus postage)

The ATF bulletins:

Bulletin No. 1 (2000):
The lines: Gelishikli and Kir Sakar, by T. Riabova, Vladimir Chamborant, by A. Klimuk,

Bulletin n ° 2:
The lines (Arab, Fakir Pelvan, Karlavatch).

Bulletin No. 3 (2001):
The appellations in the breed.

Bulletin No. 5 (2002):
The problems of deviation of limbs in foals.

Bulletin No. 6:
How to wean the foals smoothly

Bulletin No. 7
Regulatory texts concerning the recognition of race in France

Approval of the association Akhal-Téké France by the Ministry of Agriculture

Accord MAAK / ATF

VNIIK Agreement / National Studs

Bulletin No. 8 (January 2006):
The notation of the horses by the MAAK and the selection criteria of the breeders, by T. Riabova.
Meeting with the National Studs

Bulletin No. 9 (November 2006):
Excerpts from the selection program for the period 2001-2010 (state of the race in the world and recommendations), edited by the VNIIK.
Villeneuve sur Lot 2006

Bulletin n ° 10 (July 2007):
Stud poker the first orientations
Archetype of Pure Blood, by Dr. D. Giniaux

Bulletin No. 11 (January 2008):
Assessing Membership (Part 1)
Participation of ATPS in competitions 2001-2007

Bulletin No. 12 (June 2008):
Endurance Horse Recovery Factor, by Dr. Céline ROBERT
Evaluating the conformation of the members (2nd part)

Bulletin n ° 13 (December 2008):
Ising, European Championship
Applied equine pedicure, a new science of the naked foot? By Xavier Méal

Bulletin n ° 14 (June 2009):
Genetics and Dressing of Horses (Part 1)
Effect of early experiences on foal behavior

Bulletin n ° 15 (December 2009):
Genetics and robes of horses (2nd part)
European Championships Roeser

Newsletter N ° 16 Dec 2010
Testing stallions in Germany

Rosières-aux-Salines International Championship

Conference in Ashgabat

Bulletin n ° 17 July 2011
Salon of Liège

ATF in Ashgabat, color report

Bulletin n ° 18 December 2011
European Championships in Ising

Equita Lyon

Salon of Paris

Uzbegim breeding in Uzbekistan

Feeding the Endurance Horse

Bulletin n ° 19 July 2012
Turkestan Star Championship

The horse turcoman seen 150 years ago

Endurance: tips and tricks for a world champion

Newsletter n ° 20 December 2012
Endurance Training

The Akhal-Teke, the first horse of blood?

VNIIK notation and ATF classification

Newsletter n ° 21 July 2013
Present your horse well

Turkestan Star Championships

European Distance Championship

What strategy for the crisis?

Bulletin n ° 22 December 2013
Russian Championships in Piatigorsk

Visit to Stavropol

The evolution of dress families in France

Bulletin n ° 23 December 2014
ATF at the World Equestrian Games in Caen

Exhibitions and presentations in Maisons-Laffitte

Turkmen horse festival, photo reportage

Competitions in Beijing

European Championships in Ising