French rules 2020

French rules for Akhal Teke Horses pureblood and partbred :

Since January 1st, 2020, the breeding activities concerning ATPS and ATDS horses must be registered with the VNIIK (Organism of Selection) and this, via the association Akhal Teke France (its representative on the national territory).

To do this, two contracts were signed:

1. between VNIIK and ATF

2. between VNIIK, IFCE and ATF.

From now on, all Akhal Teke horses pureblood or partbred stationed in France will have a European passport issued by the VNIIK and will be registered by IFCE, will be able to reproduce according to the rules of the General Studbook and participate in all the official competitions of the FFE, according to the general terms of French regulations