The membership fee is more than a contribution to the financial needs of the Association, it also constitutes proof of its membership, it reflects its will to support the Association's commitments and its desire to participate in its Activities, it entails its formal acceptance of the Statutes, the Rules of Procedure and the decisions of the General Meetings, it gives the active or associate member who pays it the right to vote at the General Meeting.

Special attention is therefore paid to the punctuality of the payment of the annual subscription. The following measures are adopted for this purpose:

The Treasurer of the Association, in addition to the collection of contributions, shall be responsible for the continued maintenance of the list of members, mentioning their membership and indicating whether or not the contribution has been paid.
When membership in the Association occurs between 1 October and 31 December, the membership fee paid at the time of accession also applies to the following year.
The annual contribution is due at the beginning of the corresponding year, and at the latest by 31 March, the deadline. As of 1 April, members who have not paid their membership fees may be considered to have resigned; Their removal from the Association may be pronounced by the Management Committee, as indicated in Article 6 of the Statutes.
The members of a couple or a family may, if they so wish, become members of the Association, provided they pay their dues; The Executive Committee may decide on a reduced scale of contributions.