rules of french registery

The decree relating to the settlement of the French register of the thoroughbred Akhal-Teke (known as convenience for stud-book regulations or RSB abbreviated), amending the decree of 30 July 2004, was published in OJ Of 23 December 2007.

It has since been the subject of successive modifications of detail.

Its latest version can be downloaded below.

The regulation of the studbook sets:

The conditions for inscription in the French register of the horse Akhal Teke de thoroughbred
The standards of qualification applicable to breeders, and in particular the conditions for approval of stallions within the breed.

The stud-book regulations are managed by the French stud-book commission of the thoroughbred Akhal Teke.

You can consult here:

The regulation of the stud-book,
The agreements between ATF and VNIIK,
The agreement between the Haras Nationaux and the VNIIK.

Some rates:

Standard Classification:

Member of ATF: 100 €
Non-member: 200 €
Entry in the register as ATPS or ATDS : 60 €

Admission records to ATDS register : free

Study of regularization files by stud-book comittee (special cases): 100 €